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Vue components that implement a cohesive design system to unite the web facing Creative Commons
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Creative Commons logo

Vocabulary logo

Vocabulary is a cohesive design system to unite the web facing Creative Commons. Vocabulary makes it easier to develop Creative Commons apps while ensuring a consistently familiar experience.

MIT license Circle CI PRs welcome Netlify npm version

In essence Vocabulary is a collection of UI components, which are parts of web sites and web apps that have significance as being individual units that can be mixed, matched, styled and put together to quickly and effectively develop consistent applications.


Vocabulary is available as


The showcase of the true extent of Vocabulary can be found in the live styleguide and the interactive storybook for the library, showcasing the components therein and variants thereof, on GitHub Pages. Search for a particular component using the search field or just explore the collection of components. If you find one that catches your fancy, play with it on the playground and tweak its knobs.

If it works for you, just pick the code and use it in your own application. If it doesn't and you think more people would love to have this feature open an issue. If something peculiar happens, open a bug report. If you just love it, contribute in some way.

Documentation powered by Netlify.


GitHub repository

We're always looking for contributors to help us find and fix bugs, build new features, help us improve the project documentation or translate the project to another language.

Vocabulary is continuously evolving and improving. You can contribute to the project in a number of ways.

What How
Code If you are a developer, feel free to resolve open issues, proof PRs, add new features to existing components or add new components altogether.
Design If you are a designer, your inputs on making every component more intuitive, aesthetic and joyful will reverberate through the entire ecosystem.
Test If you are a user of these components, your feedback, bug reports and feature requests will drive the project forward so that we can meet your needs.
Translate If you speak a language other than, and in addition to, English, you can help make the project accessible to your community with your words.
Write If you have a knack for writing technical articles, you could be the voice of the library's documentation, making it easy to use and understand.
Share If you can't contribute in these ways, you can refer the project to a friend who might be able to. Spreading the word is the easiest way to help out.

If you're interested, read the file in the repository for instructions regarding contributing to the project.


This project is still under development and as a consequence of the fact, users of the library should be expect to encounter bugs. Feedback and bug reports are welcome, fixes and patches even more so.


Licensed under the Expat/MIT license.

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