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Performance focused HTTP & UDP BitTorrent tracker
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Fast bittorrent tracker

performance flame

As demonstrated here practically all of the CPU usage is from handling the TCP connections. The databases save function made only 0.3% of the flame graphs time in this example.


Go 1.13+ recommended for sync.Pool and sync.RMutex optimizations.

git clone
cd trakx/install
trakx status # "Trakx is not running"

Netdata install

Note: If you have other go program using expvar with netdata you'll have to manually add the trakx config, will overwrite go_expvar.conf.

  • Open netdata python conf with /etc/netdata/edit-config python.d.conf and change go_expvar to yes
  • Customize the url in expvar.conf if needed
  • Install netdata plugins with sh netdata/


  • Running ./ will update without overwriting your config

Build tags

  • fast tag will build without IP, seeds, and leeches metrics which will speed up trakx
  • heroku tag will build the service for app engines, this means that when executed the binary will immediatly run the tracker


  • If you're going to be serving a lot of clients take a look at the sysctl tuning the resources section. This is especially true if you're using the TCP tracker
  • There's no guarantee that database saves work between go versions - by default I use unsafe to read raw memory so if they change struct padding or completely change byte slices it could break your save between versions. You can change the encoding method to encodeBinary() to avoid this issue but it takes 3x more memory and is 7x slower.


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