A Reddit Bot that links to Android Apps when requested.
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A Reddit bot that links to Android Apps from the Play Store when a user asks to do it.

What's included

  • LinkMeBot.py, the main program
  • App.py, a class that the bot uses to save data
  • Config.py, a simple and easy to understand configuration file
  • Test.py, a simple test to see if the Play Store parsing works.
  • requirements.txt, the pip modules you need to install to run the bot
  • LICENSE, the license that this project is released under (MIT)
  • README, this file

What you need to know before editing this bot / running it on your local machine

The bot was written on an Arch machine with Python 3

See required packages in requirements.txt

You need to set a valid username and password in the config file Also in the config file you need to set the subreddits where the bot searches for comments

How to use it

On the server I use the bot is set to run every two minutes using a cronjob If you want to test the code I suggest you to post a comment in a subreddit and then run the bot, after configuring it.

Info / Reddit-related questions / See the bot in action


Feel free to make a new post if you want to test the bot, or just use an existing one.


  • Autodelete
  • Database

Want to help or want help?

  • If you want to help please feel free to do it.

  • If you need help please fell free to ask me.

  • If you find any bug or exploit please tell me: I will try to fix them or if you want you can fix them and I will include your changes in the project.

  • If you find a way to improve the bot, please share it with everybody.


MIT License