a UIImageView category to let the picture-cutting with faces showing better
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A UIImageView extension to let the picture-cutting with faces showing better

Last update in v0.2_stable : add a UIImage+BetterFace category, so clipping images becomes possible(clap!)

Looking for an Android version? Check this! [https://github.com/beartung/tclip-android]


  • Have problems showing the resized image previews?
  • People in the preview only have chins but not faces?
  • A group photo doesn't look well?

Try UIImageView-BetterFace!

Like this:



  1. Drag UIImageView+BetterFace.h and UIImageView+BetterFace.m to your project
  2. Add CoreImage.framework to your project
  3. Import the .h file
  4. Add this:[anImageView setNeedsBetterFace:YES];
  5. If you want all setImage: methods do the magic: Add hack_uiimageview_bf(); to your main function; Otherwise call setBetterFaceImage: for every image you want to make the face detection.
  6. Done
  7. Still have problems? clone the project and see the demo.

##Too slow?

try set the fast property to YES to get the faster speed(lower accuracy)

##Known issues

  • it will be slow to render large-size images, and showing the strange animation
  • it may take a lot of memory while reusing the UIImageView

##Who use BetterFace?

If you're building your applications using UIImageView-BetterFace, please let me know! (add your application name & App Store link here and pullreuqest this README~

##Debugging Add BF_DEBUG to your pre compile macros or #define BF_DEBUG to your prefix.pch file in order to see turn ON debugging logs on the console.


Any issue and pull request is welcome.