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A derivitive work of HTML5 UP's Halcyonic Template
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Halcyonic WordPress Theme

This is a derivitive of HTML5 UP's Halcyonic template adpated specifically for WordPress.

All regions of the landing page are customizable from within the WordPress admin panel:

  • Site Title
  • Site Tagline
  • Top Navigation
  • "Click Me" Button
  • Feature Boxes
  • Below-the-crease informational panels
  • Important Links
  • Footer Text Blurb


To install:

  1. Download the latest release of this theme
  2. Place the extracted theme folder in your wp-content/themes folder.
  3. Navigate to your WordPress Admin Panel's theme menu
  4. Activate the theme


  • Top navigation is set using the "Top Menu" display location
  • "Click Me" button is set with the "Big Button" display location
  • Featured content is set using the "Featured Post" custom post type on the left admin navigation

Theme Development

WPDistillery is included in this repo as the development enviornment for this theme. Relevant secionts from WPDistillery's documentation included below:

Version 2.1.0 (21.06.2017) - fully compatible with Scotch Box 3.0


Vagrant commands
  • vagrant up will start the machine. The first ever vagrant up in your project will also install Scotch Box and execute provisioning
  • vagrant provision will execute provisioning. This is where WPDistillery runs its core function which is installing and configuring WordPress according to config.yml. Before that, it will also update WP-CLI and set the upload size to 64MB. Normally vagrant provision should not be executed manually but can be used to re-run the WPDistillery setup in case you want to re-install WordPress.
  • vagrant reload will restart vagrant. This is required for changes made in the Vagrantfile to take effect.
  • vagrant halt will shut down the running machine.
  • More informations can be found at



WPDistillery is released under the MIT Public License.

Note: The "About" section in and the author (@author) notice in the file-headers shall not be edited or deleted without permission. For details, please see License.

I’m putting a lot of time into maintaining WPDistillery, so please consider donating or sharing. Thank you!

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