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LICENSE IoT Cookbook

The IoT Cookbook is a collection of Internet-of-Things, embedded hardware-software demo projects and examples based on the WAMP router and the Autobahn WAMP client libraries.

Software parts are built from our 60+ and Autobahn Docker base images we publish on Dockerhub, and the workflow which we document is Docker based.

All components connect to our public demo instance. This is for convenience when initially quickly testing things. For actual development as well as deployment, you need to use your own router (which is not difficult to set up).

All code is open-source and liberally licensed under the MIT LICENSE.

Use it as a quick start for whatever project you start, open-source or commercial!

While all recipes here use Docker for ease of use, the code can be adapted (and trivially so generally) to work non-containerized.



This is a work in progress, and your contributions are highly welcome!

You could

  • file an issue (for a bug, improvement, addition)
  • send us a pull request with a bug fix or improvement
  • send us a pull request with a new recipe
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