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CrossEcore is a cross-platform modeling framework that generates C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, Swift code from Ecore models with embedded OCL.

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  1. ecore-typescript ecore-typescript Public

    Ecore and OCL runtime API for TypeScript and JavaScript

    TypeScript 24 9

  2. crossecore-generator crossecore-generator Public

    Code generator for Java, C#, TypeScript and Swift

    Java 12 8

  3. ecore-csharp ecore-csharp Public

    Ecore and OCL runtime API for C#

    C# 10 1

  4. ecore-editor ecore-editor Public

    React based Ecore editor that runs entirely in the browser

    TypeScript 5 1

  5. ecore-java ecore-java Public

    Ecore and OCL runtime API for Java

    Java 4 1

  6. examples-java examples-java Public

    Ecore model for the Java language itself

    Java 3 1


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