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GitLab application controller to provision GitLab application instance on Crossplane and using Crossplane constructs (resources and workloads)
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GitLab Controller

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GitLab-Controller is Crossplane native application which enables provisioning production-grade GitLab services across multiple supported cloud providers. GitLab-Controller leverages Crossplane core constructs such as CloudProvider(s), ResourceClass(es), and ResourceClaim(s) to satisfy GitLab Services dependencies on public cloud managed services. GitLab-Controller utilizes Crossplane Workloads to provision GitLab services and all its dependencies on target Kubernetes clusters managed and provisioned by the Crossplane.

Architecture and Vision

The design draft of the Crossplane GitLab-Controller initial design.

Getting Started and Documentation

TBD: For getting started guides, installation, deployment, and administration, see our Documentation.


Crossplane GitLab-Controller is a community-driven project, and we welcome contributions. See Contributing to get started.

Report a Bug

For filing bugs, suggesting improvements, or requesting new features, please open an issue.


Please use the following to reach members of the community:

Community Meeting

A regular Crossplane community meeting takes place every other Tuesday. For up-to-date meeting information and details see Crossplane Community Meeting

Project Status

The project is an early preview. We realize that it's going to take a village to arrive at the vision of a multicloud control plane, and we wanted to open this up early to get your help and feedback. Please see the Roadmap for details on what we are planning for future releases.

Official Releases

Official releases of GitLab-Controller can be found on the releases page. Please note that it is strongly recommended that you use official releases of GitLab-Controller, as unreleased versions from the master branch are subject to changes and incompatibilities that will not be supported in the official releases. Builds from the master branch can have functionality changed and even removed at any time without compatibility support and prior notice.


Gitlab-Controller is under the Apache 2.0 license.

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