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sprint 2012 12 06

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Sprint 06-Dec-12

Basis of Planning:

Dial-in for all meetings:

Design Meeting (12/18)

  • Quick introductions

    • James Tan - Works at SUSE, based in Germany. New to Crowbar, usually working on
    • Bunch of other introductions, but I didn't catch the names and roles.
    • which barclamps still need packaging?
  • Chef 10 vs 11 -> need to evaluate after release but likely to adopt before release

    • mattray from OpsCode says they are targetting Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2013 for Chef 11 release
  • Ruby 1.8.7 vs 1.9.3 <- RHEL support? ->
  • Dev Environments for Automated Testing
    • do we want to assume that you can point to an exernal Chef server?
    • DevTool --run-unit-tests [does NOT have a Chef server or deployed admin server]
    • Smoke Test Infrastructure [assumes deployed Chef server]
    • Dev's Environment [assumes deployed Chef server]
  • discussion of environments vs. initializers
  • Rails Migrations
    • For a little a while longer (TBD in design meetings) we will continue to modify the base
    • After "benchmark" changes will be to additive migrations
    • Squish migrations before releases
    • keeping date #s

Pushed to Future.

  • Rails Engines & APIs & URLs (Early in New Year)
  • Crowbar 2.0 schedule (Early in New Year)

Review Items

Added a column for "Background" tasks that are getting attention but not directly tracked in "Doing" for Crowbar 2.

We're going to split the Trello board into 2 parts: backlog and active dev. The current will be the active dev.

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