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LifeMonitor is a testing and monitoring service for computational workflows. Head over to the LifeMonitor web site for more information and instructions.

Getting Started

You can easily set up your own ready-to-use LifeMonitor instance using the docker-compose deployment we distribute with this repository. A Makefile provides you with the basic actions necessary to manage the deployment. Type make help to list the available options.

You can get a development / testing deployment of LifeMonitor with the following commands:

  1. docker network create life_monitor, to create the Docker network;
  2. make start, to start the main LifeMonitor services;
  3. make start-aux-services, to start the preconfigured instances of WorkflowHub and Jenkins.

To register the WorkflowHub instance with LifeMonitor, run:

docker-compose exec lm /bin/bash -c "flask registry add seek seek ehukdECYQNmXxgJslBqNaJ2J4lPtoX_GADmLNztE8MI DuKar5qYdteOrB-eTN4F5qYSp-YrgvAJbz1yMyoVGrk https://seek:3000 --redirect-uris https://seek:3000"

You should now have the following services up and running:

For additional information, please refer to the LifeMonitor administration guide.

Life Monitor is being developed as part of the EOSC-Life project.