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a toy Reddit clone built on free APIs


What is it

This blog post explains this project.

How to run

Tiredd is built on free Micro APIs. To run, first get a Micro token, and save it into the environment variable MICRO_API_TOKEN. Once that's done, you can simply run the backend with go run main.go. It will listen on port 8090.

While the backend is currently a single go server, it should be trivial to adapt it to a golang FaaS provider (like Google Cloud Functions) and get backend hosting for free to run the whole app for free (backend on a Faas, frontend on Netlify, and the used Micro APIs are also free).

The frontend is an Angular application. Fork the repo and you can deploy for free on Netlify with the following settings:

Base dir:           tiredd
Build command       npm install && npm run build
Publish directory   tiredd/dist/tiredd

Change the repo to your fork.