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Web app and framework offering modular conversion, encoding and encryption
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Web app and framework offering modular conversion, encoding and encryption. Translations are done client side without any server interaction —

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This framework and web app aims to support a wide variety of ciphers, formats, algorithms and methods (called 'Bricks') while keeping them easily combinable. There are currently two types of Bricks: Encoders and Viewers. Encoders manipulate content by encoding or decoding in a specific way and using specific settings while Viewers allow users to access and edit the content fed into or outputted by Encoders in a certain way and format.

Bricks can be arranged inside a Pipe. When the content gets edited inside a Viewer or when Brick settings get changed, the result propagates through the Pipe's Bricks in order and in both directions.

Chain objects encapsulate UTF-8 text or binary based content exchanged between Bricks. They automatically encode or decode the content when combining a text based output with a binary based input and vice-versa.

Brick library

Name Category Description
a1z26 Ciphers Number to letter encoder (A1Z26)
adfgx-cipher Polybius square ADFGX cipher
affine-cipher Ciphers Affine Cipher
alphabetical-substitution Ciphers Alphabetical substitution
ascii85 Encoding Ascii85 / Base85 incl. variant Z85
bacon-cipher Ciphers Bacon's cipher
base32 Encoding Base32 incl. variants base32hex, z-base-32, …
base64 Encoding Base64 incl. variants base64url, …
baudot-code Encoding Baudot code
bifid-cipher Polybius square Bifid cipher
bitwise-operation Transform Bitwise operations (NOT, AND, OR, …)
block-cipher Modern cryptography Block ciphers incl. AES
bootstring Encoding Bootstring
bytes View Viewing and editing bytes
caesar-cipher Ciphers Caesar cipher
case-transform Transform Transforms to upper case, lower case, …
enigma Ciphers Enigma machine incl. 13 models
hash Modern cryptography Creating a message digest
hmac Modern cryptography Creating a Hash-based message authentication code
integer Encoding Translates between bytes and integers
morse-code Alphabets Morse code (English)
nihilist-cipher Polybius square Nihilist cipher
numeral-system Transform Translates numerals between systems
punched-tape View Punched tape
polybius-square Polybius square Polybius square
punycode Encoding Punycode
rail-fence-cipher Ciphers Rail fence cipher
rc4 Modern cryptography RC4 incl. RC4-drop
replace Transform Finds and replaces a given text
reverse Transform Reverses the order of bytes, characters or lines
rot13 Ciphers ROT13 incl. variants ROT5, ROT18 & ROT47
spelling-alphabet Alphabets Several spelling alphabets
tap-code Polybius square Tap code
text View Viewing and editing in plain text
trifid-cipher Polybius square Trifid cipher
unicode-code-points Encoding Encoding to Unicode code points in given format
url-encoding Encoding URL encoding / Percent-encoding
vigenere-cipher Ciphers Vigenère cipher incl. Beaufort cipher variants

This is a project by Fränz Friederes and contributors

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