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(Work In Progress) A desktop GUI for Bitcoin Core optimised to work with airgapped hardware wallets
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Specter Desktop


This software is WORK IN PROGRESS and NOT READY TO USE YET. The master branch is empty until the first release of the software with core functionality implemented. At the moment all the code is in the 0.0.0-alpha branch.


Bitcoin Core has a very powerful command line interface and a wonderful daemon. Using PSBT and HWI it can also work with hardware wallets, but at the moment it is too linux-way. The same applies to multisignature setups.

The goal of this project is to make a convenient and user-friendly GUI around Bitcoin Core with a focus on multisignature setup with airgapped hardware wallets.

At the moment we are working on integration of our Specter-DIY hardware wallet that uses QR codes as a main communication channel, and ColdCard that uses SD cards. Later on we plan to integrate "hot" hardware wallets using HWI tool and Junction.

Current status

Most of the code is there, app should be ready for alpha testing by September 8th.

A few screenshots

Adding a new device

Creating a new wallet

Wallet interface


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