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Releases: crystalidea/macs-fan-control


07 Sep 14:14
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  • MacBook Air 15" and Mac Studio 2023 support #688
  • Added CPU Core Average temperature sensor on MacBook Pro M2 #687
  • Fixed memory leaks on Apple Silicon macs #214
  • Fixed temperature display readings freeze on some older MacBookAir laptops #682
  • Fixed missing Performance Core 3 on Macmini M2 #672
  • Multiple small improvements and fixes


03 Mar 13:22
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  • Complete MacBook Pro & Mac Mini 2023 support #664


02 Dec 14:12
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  • Macbook Pro and MacBook Air M2 #621
  • More secure helper tool to avoid possible abuse of SMC interface by malware apps #601
  • Display 'Mainboard' sensor for MacBookPro6,1 and MacBookPro6,2 #647
  • Improved Windows 10/11 dark mode support #639
  • Arabic, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish translations update
  • Fixed update checker when the app was not in /Applications #616
  • Fixed working with the app when it's used by multiple users #619
  • Fixed update check on macOS 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11 #623
  • Automatic update: fixed lost custom presets #543
  • Fixed loosing of custom presets after reboot under certain conditions #389
  • Latest SMC initialize error after Boot Camp drivers update #585
  • Fixed row height in fans/sensors table on Retina displays in Windows #640
  • Fixed window text being unreadable when using external display under certain conditions #577


20 Jun 11:50
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  • Enable optional dock icon (can be turned on/off in preferences) #520
  • Remove 'always on top' behaviour #343
  • Simplify sharing technical info & screenshot from the app #604
  • Portuguese, Czech, Japanese and Korean translations update
  • Fixed regression bug with fan spinning in sleep mode on some iMac models #594
  • Fixed crash on macOS 10.13 when clicking the menu bar icon #603


04 Apr 11:20
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16 Nov 13:54
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  • Added full support for latest 14” and 16” M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro (2021) #550
  • Compatibility with Windows 11 #530
  • Faster startup speed on Windows (specially with T2 chips) #549
  • Fixed menubar icon not saving its position in macOS Big Sur/Monterey #555
  • Fixed app being blocked on Windows by some 3rd party gaming anti-cheat programs (Vanguard and Faceit Anti-Cheat) #325 #350


08 Oct 13:27
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  • Uninstall the app completely including the fan helper tool via the More -> Uninstall command #492
  • For next updates the app will download >30% smaller files thanks to more efficient XZ compression format #539
  • Added a warning message for macOS 10.7 to notify user that update is possible only manually #239
  • Improved Windows setup experience
  • Fixed app stopped responding after minor macOS Big Sur upgrades on Apple Silicon #500
  • Fixed text being cut off in macOS Big Sur menubar #502
  • Fixed app unable to quit from the full screen mode #506
  • Fixed eGPU temperature sensor display even when turned eGPU option was off in Preferences #508
  • Fixed temperature readings freeze on MacBookPro12,1 when working on battery #433
  • Fixed not showing of SMC temperature sensors on Hackintosh #448
  • Fixed preventing of ejection of connected USB drives on Windows #473


15 Apr 10:54
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Added full support for Apple Silicon Macs (MacBook Air/Pro and new Mac mini) #435
Main download is now for macOS 10.13 and higher including Big Sur and Apple Silicon support. Macs Fan Control for macOS 10.12 (and below) is now a separate download. More info
German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Thai, Ukrainian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Turkish, Catalan, translations update
Fixed restoring of menubar icon position once it's changed by a user #430
Fixed menubar display under macOS Big Sur #408
Fixed a memory leak which could cause app memory usage steadily increase over time #214

05 Oct 09:10
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  • Fixed reading of GPU temperatures #400
  • Fixed missing GPU Proximity / Heatsink sensors on some Mac models #406


25 Sep 10:37
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  • Display temperature of discrete GPU (eGPU) #209
  • New app icon to match new macOS Big Sur style #397
  • New virtual temperature sensor CPU Core (average) #235
  • Improved switching between presets from menubar #281
  • Inverted menu bar icon for macOS night mode #365
  • Improved preferences window
  • Support of iMac 2020 27" 5k #382
  • Improve warning message on computers without fans #309
  • Fixed issue when the app didn't always restore automatic fan control upon computer restart #387
  • Fixed UI glitch allowing setting of max temperature below min value when setting up sensor-based control #320
  • Fixed crash on some Hackintosh machines #324
  • Fixed displaying of temperatures of multiple drives with the same model on classic MacPro5,1 #246