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Slides, notes, blog posts, and research on machine learning, statistics, and artificial intelligence.
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source for chandan's personal website (

contains slides, research overviews, notes, blog posts, links to code/research, and personal information


  • the _slides folder contains source for many presentations, including ml slides from teaching intro machine learning at berkeley:

research overviews

  • notes on different research areas in the research_ovws folder (e.g. interpretability, complexity) with links to recent papers


  • the _notes folder contains markdown notes for many different classes and areas between computer science, statistics, and neuroscience

blog posts

interpretability connectomics


  • links to code, such as these repos (acd, dac) for interpretable machine learning and this repo, which contains code for simple pre-trained gans
generated samples data samples
fake_images-300 real_images


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