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Setting up Docker

Start by executing the script. This will check out the git submodules of the repository, as well as Breakpad (through the depot_tools). All results are generated in a Docker environment. This can either be built in the normal docker fashion:

# docker build -t dbp .

Or it can be built using Docker Compose:

# docker-compose build

The second option is mostly for debugging and development purposes, to more easily configure how and where directories are mounted. Both options require a SPEC tarball be present at modules/SPEC_CPU2006v1.1.tar.bz2 .

Generating results

Results are generated inside the docker, at /opt/data. To easily get at these results, it's best to mount a host a directory at this location. This can happen through the docker-compose.yml file when using Docker Compose, or on the command line when doing a normal build:

# docker run -i -t -v /my/host/dir/results:/opt/data dbp 

Or after having edited docker-compose.yml (by default the data is generated in a named volume):

# docker-compose run main

You can also start up the docker with a bash session to manually run the scripts or do measurements, like so:

# docker run -i -t -v /my/host/dir/results:/opt/data --entrypoint bash dbp


# docker-compose run --entrypoint bash main


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