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This is the code for the website of the Chico State Linux User Group (CSLUG). The site is new as of Spring '12; for the old site's source, check the 2010site branch.

The live site auto-pulls the latest commits from this repo nightly.


To contribute, just fork and do whatever you want, then pull request. Don't be shy with it; if you see something that could be better, make it better and rub it in everyone's faces afterwards for the warm fuzzies. Remember that this is a club project -- don't make suggestions; make changes.

If you're new to git, don't be intimidated. GitHub has very helpful instructions on forking repositories, and it's the easiest way (for both parties) to merge contributed/fixed code.

If you're a member looking to add yourself to the site's memberlist, just fork us, add/commit/push your member file according to the memberlist README, then submit a pull request.

Some quick code structure bullets

  • All page requests go through index.php, which handles headers/footers/all that joy.
  • HTML/CSS is compartmentalized into template-esque files in html, which are eventually parsed by the Template class.
  • The members, minutes, and news pages grab data from their respective folders -- see each folder's README for more info.
  • This project uses tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment. You may want to tell your editor to visibly display tab characters (e.g. vim).


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