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A starting point for developing with Dojo
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Dojo Boilerplate: A Starter Kit for Dojo Development

The Dojo Boilerplate is a set of files to help you rapidly get up and running with the Dojo Toolkit. It illustrates some basic best practices when working with Dojo.

Quick Start

  1. Make sure you have Node.js and a Java runtime installed.
  2. Clone the repository using git clone --recursive.
  3. Run npm install to install additional Node.js dependencies.
  4. Develop your project in src/ until it is amazing.
  5. Run, which will create an awesome optimised build in dist/.
  6. Upload dist/ for millions of people the world over to enjoy.
  7. Hapyness.

Windows Users

If you have msysgit installed, run Git Bash and verify some dependencies by running the following commands:

which java
which node

A brief tour

  • All of the application's source goes in src. It will be built into dist.
  • Build profiles for the build system go in profiles.
  • The entrypoint of the demo application is the HTML file at src/index.html.
  • The script takes your application files and builds them for production use using Stylus and the Dojo build system. It depends on the presence of an application build profile at profiles/app.profile.js.
  • The file src/app/resources/app.styl contains all the CSS for the application.
  • Tests using Intern exist in the tests directory. They can be run with tests/ The test configuration is at tests/intern.js and defaults to using a Sauce Labs tunnel.

Useful resources

About the boilerplate

This boilerplate is occasionally updated to try to reflect the latest and greatest features and design patterns for writing Web apps with Dojo, but it relies heavily on information and contributions from other users. If you have an idea, suggestion, or problem, please report it or create a pull request! (Please note that you will need to have signed the Dojo CLA before your pull requests are accepted, for the good of us all!)


The Dojo Boilerplate is licensed under the New BSD license.