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Correctly detect Open3#capture3 existance. #34

wants to merge 2 commits into from

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The commit message is not exactly right, but the fact is that method_defined? will tell you whether INSTANCES of the class with the module included responds to the given method, which is not the case for Open3#capture3. We have to use respond_to? for this case. Before this commit, your code was always using your bundled version of capture3.

@fbernier fbernier closed this Jan 11, 2013

@fbernier @csquared Why wasn't this merged?
I just noticed the issue with method_defined? and was about to suggest the same fix.


Dunno for the first commit ... Forget about the second one though it's garbage...

@fbernier fbernier reopened this Feb 19, 2013

@fbernier @dukedave Sorry i missed this! I've had about 1K notifications that i just marked as all read because I haven't been noticing these important ones.

I just pushed the fix y'all recommended and incremented the version.

Any interest in commit bit?

@csquared csquared closed this Feb 21, 2013

Thanks for the merge. I'd be interested in commit if you'd like. I might also spike out a cleaner version of the "timeout option" commit I made eventually.

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