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Fresh Landing page

Fresh is a one page landing page starter built by Css Ninja Studio . Fresh is licensed under the MIT license.

You can access the demo here.


Fresh is developed with the Bulma css framework

Version 2.1


Fresh is now a Bulma starter fully bundled with npm and gulp. Bulma has been upgrade to latest version 0.7.

  • Clone or download the repo
  • Run npm install
  • Run gulp build
  • Run gulp default


Fresh 2.1

  • Improved page responsiveness particularly on tablet for both orientations, and mobile
  • Fixed small layout issues
  • Added a modal login form

Fresh 2.0

  • Everything is now handled by gulp and npm
  • Bulma version upgraded to 0.7
  • Bulma source sass is editable (note that the @widescreen variable has been set to false)
  • Panel slider library has been removed. Sidebar completely rewritten without any plugin.
  • Removed unused classes and refactored scss
  • Added more scss partials for better code maintainability
  • Introduced Panini templating engine. Learn more about Panini here:
  • Fully automated build and watch process, integration with browser sync
  • Navbar rework since deprecation of .nav element in favor of .navbar.
  • Optimized responsive display for mobile and tablets.


If you've found an issue or a bug, you can report it in the issues section of this repository. Please try to follow these simple guidelines to report your issue:

  • Issue definition
  • Expected behaviour
  • Actual behaviour
  • steps to reproduce
  • Already tried fixes (if relevant)


You can find more themes and ressources at Css Ninja Studio.

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