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Public Domain fully featured tower defense game built on top of AndEngine.
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Public Domain fully featured tower defense game built on top of AndEngine.

EpirisTD (BETA) is a innovative and new tower defense game. Currently 6 open maps allow building complicated mazes on THE largest maps available on the marketplace (2048x2048) pixels! You may build 50 Towers which include 5 tiers of upgrades, but don't worry once your towers are fully upgraded you may invidivualy boost stats and functionality of your towers, including damage, range, speed, affects, purity and finally access to each towers ULTIMATE.

Towers offer the most unique attacks on the marketplace, some will root enemies in place, stun them completely or silence them to prevent them from casting abilities. Did I mention your enemies are intelligent hordes of wizards and swordsman, who have unique abilities themselves, including removing your stuns and snares, healing eachother and offering boosts of speed or teleportation.

Achievements can be unlocked to earn you game points which can be redeemed to upgrade your towers and give special bonuses and affects. Fast forward and level skipping both available, challenge yourself by having a unlimited number of enemy waves spawning in paralell.

Currently a survival game mode that never ends is the only game mode available, but many more are in the works.

EpirisTD is in very early BETA and should only be downloaded by those who want a sneak peak of a work in progress and offer feedback for features and balancing.

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