Kubernetes parameterized deployments manifests/templates https://cststack.github.io/k8comp/
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For more information about k8comp check https://cststack.github.io/k8comp/


K8comp is a tool which substitutes any templates variables declared in the format %{VARIABLE default "DEFAULT_VALUE"} or %{VARIABLE} with values from a files hierarchy using hiera. The tool was created to simplify apps deployments for Kubernetes but it can be used to template any other type of files.


  • use the default yaml/json Kubernetes syntax
  • to have a templates library which can be used in multiple environments and be version controlled using GIT
  • have full control of all deployable resources without a complicated deployment setup
  • store any secrets encrypted in a GIT repository


  • support for yaml, json, yml
  • encrypted variables using eyaml
  • multiline variables (only for yaml files)
  • auto git pull on deployment or manual git pull via k8comp pull
  • multi branch deployment
  • support for remote templates
  • use as helm plugin helm plugin install https://github.com/cststack/k8comp