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A tool for static analysis, dynamic analysis, and formal verification of RPM packages


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csmock is a tool for scanning SRPMs by Static Analysis tools in a fully
automated way.  You can find the up2date sources in the following repository:

csmock is licensed under GPLv3+, see COPYING for details.  Please report bugs
and feature requests on GitHub using the above URL.

    * csdiff (non-interactive tools for processing scan results in plain-text)

    * cswrap (generic compiler wrapper that captures diagnostic messages)

    * mock (chroot-based tool for building RPMs)

RPM-based Installation

    rpmbuild --rebuild ./csmock-*.src.rpm

    sudo dnf install ...

See the 'csmock(1)' man page for the usage of csmock itself.  The output
of 'csmock --help' additionally includes the command-line options handled
by csmock plug-ins.  A higher-level description can be found in the Flock
2014 presentation about csmock: