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v0.11.4 - Fahrenheit Forever

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@ctdk ctdk released this 10 May 21:59
· 170 commits to master since this release

Mostly internal changes here that don't radically affect normal usage. The biggest change from an external perspective is that goiardi now supports Chef auth v1.3, and many endpoints will respond to HEAD requests with the same HTTP status code as they would respond to a GET request (even if it might not be a particularly sensible response). Otherwise these changes are mostly done with the future in mind.


* Move the custom goiardi error type out of util and into its own module.
  Wrappers around the new module are in util still for convenience, and
  because the functions and interface are used all over the place.
* Many endpoints now handle HEAD requests where appropriate. With some
  endpoints this is not especially useful, but with others it's a lightweight
  way to see what resources exist and so forth. Implements Chef RFC 090.
* Start using contexts with requests. This does mean that goiardi will require
  at least go 1.7. (As of 0.11.3 goiardi only supported go 1.7+, but it was
  likely to build with somewhat older versions anyway.)
* Minor bugfixes - deal with a possible race condition with the in-mem search
  index, change some logging statements from Info to Debug that didn't need to
  be Info level and removed a test log statement that was no longer necessary,
  updated copyright dates.
* Add the Chef API version header to responses.
* Change behavior if the data file and use-(mysql|postgresql) are specified
  together; formerly it was a fatal error, but now it'll just emit a warning
  in the error log and ignore the data file setting.