A basic JSON parser written in Guile scheme
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guile-json: A basic JSON parser for Guile

This is a json parser for Guile that I hacked together in ~3 hours (well, it's gone up since then), it's still a bit rough around the edges, but if your json is valid it should handle it fine.


* Downloads/Instructions coming soon


* Comments?
* Clean up json-writer, some more
* Fix data destruction of \u escapes (see BUGS)
* Make error handling a bit more helpful


* Guile integer->char only supports ASCII, as such any unicode escape >00FF will get converted to 00FF to prevent errors. This may be fixed at some point
* Guile's "null" is an empty list, so json's null is represented as a function json:null so you can test for equality.
* Essentially chokes on any invalid input
* Probably more