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A social restaurant recommendation site.
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CS 4550 Final Project

Web Development Summer 1 2018

Group members: Abel Shin, Caitlin Wang

This is a repository for our final web development project in CS 4550. We will update this README and the Wiki with our progress throughout the semester.


People want a positive dining experience. And a positive dining experience is both personal and situational. They want to know where they can find an "affordable hot pot restaurant for a large party", the "most authentic taco place in downtown San Diego", or a "bar with good music and a pool table".

Zelp is a social restaurant recommendation platform where users can ask for and give restaurant recommendations! 🍣

Live Demo:

  1. Open the Heroku app
  2. Create an account under "Register" in the navigation bar
  3. Log in to your new account
  4. Once you are signed in, you can:
    1. Create a new post requesting a restaurant recommendation
    2. Reply to a post by recommending a restaurant to another user
    3. Update your profile
    4. Search through all posts

Run Locally:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run Node.js server:
    1. cd zelp-nodejs (from root directory)
    2. npm install
    3. node server.js
  3. Run Angular app
    1. cd zelp-angular (from root directory)
    2. npm install
    3. npm start
  4. Open http://localhost:4200 in your browser

Updated on June 16, 2018

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