The plugins used on the Barebones CMS demo site. MIT or LGPL.
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Barebones CMS Demo Site Plugins

The set of plugins used on the Barebones CMS demo website.

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  • custom_buttons.php - Add a custom template to the Embed dialog that inserts HTML intended to be styled as a set of buttons with CSS. Used in the Barebones CMS intro video.
  • my_styles.php - Add a custom CSS class to the ContentTools editor (accessible via the inspector for P tags). Used in the Barebones CMS intro video.
  • demo.php - Adds information to the home screen for accessing the session's API via the Barebones CMS SDK as well as downloading the API's SQLite database. Also adds session expiration tracking to every admin interface screen with a global callback.


  • The official source code for the Barebones CMS demo plugins.
  • Has a liberal open source license. MIT or LGPL, your choice.
  • Designed for relatively painless integration into your project.
  • Sits on GitHub for all of that pull request and issue tracker goodness to easily submit changes and ideas respectively.

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