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Welcome to Cucumber πŸ‘‹

Cucumber is a tool for running automated acceptance tests, written in plain language. Because they're written in plain language, they can be read by anyone on your team. Because they can be read by anyone, they help improve communication, collaboration and trust on your team. πŸ’–

Gherkin example

Cucumber was built to support Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD).

If you want to get started using Cucumber, you should head over to the docs or watch our Cucumber School video series.

Cucumber is open source, built and maintained by people just like you! All of the source code for Cucumber is under this GitHub organization.

Everyone interacting in these codebases and issue trackers is expected to follow the Cucumber Community Code of Conduct.

Get in touch πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

If you want to meet other Cucumber users, or even chat with the maintainers, the best place for that is to join the Community Slack

If you've found a bug in Cucumber, or have an idea for a new feature, you can raise an issue on GitHub.

We currently support four official versions of Cucumber:

Other popular Cucumber implementations, maintained by other organisations, are:

If you're not sure where to raise your issue, you can use our common repository, or come and chat with us in the community slack.

Get involved 🌈

The Cucumber team is committed to tackling the structural racism and sexism in open source, and providing a fun and welcoming environment for new contributors.

Contributions don't have to be code. If you think you'd like to help, book some time with our project lead @mattwynne and have a chat about what you're interested in. We can find something useful for you to do!


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  1. Cucumber for the JVM

    Java 2.6k 2k

  2. cucumber-js Public

    Cucumber for JavaScript

    TypeScript 4.9k 1.1k

  3. Cucumber for Ruby. It's amazing!

    Ruby 5.2k 1.1k

  4. godog Public

    Cucumber for golang

    Go 2k 247

  5. docs Public

    Cucumber user documentation

    CSS 128 473

  6. common Public

    A home for issues that are common to multiple cucumber repositories

    3.4k 712


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