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Cucumber Documentation

This repository contains the source code for

If you want to read the docs, go there. ☝🏼

Contributing Content

For small edits, the recommended way to contribute is via GitHub. Each page in the documentation will have an Edit link for this purpose.

Working locally

For bigger modifications, the recommended workflow is to edit the documentation locally on your machine, and seeing the results in a web browser.

This involves getting the source code and building the documentation yourself.

Get the source code

git clone
cd docs

View the site

The website is built with several tools that are distributed as a Docker image.

Install Docker if you don't already have it on your machine.

Build and serve the website:


Open a browser:


Changes to the contents will be automatically updated in the browser.

Try editing one of the pages under content and see for yourself!

Build the site and check links

When you are done editing, build the site and check links:

./ make clean
./ make
./ make htmlproofer

By default, external links are only checked in CI (because it takes a while). To check external links locally:

CI=true ./ make htmlproofer

Links that are broken should be removed or replaced, even if they are only temporarily broken. The reason for this is that broken links negatively affect search engine rankings.

Modify theme

See the theme README


The site is built with Hugo, a fast static site generator.

We have a custom-built theme for the site in themes/cucumber-hugo. This theme is based on Bulma - a lightweight CSS framework.

The online site is rebuild automatically whenever the git repository receives new commits, either via a git push, or by modifying contents in the CMS.

The Netlify CMS saves contents straight to GitHub using the GitHub API.

Continuous Deployment

GitHub will notify Netlify for every git push thanks to a webhook.

Netlify will then build the site and deploy it if the build is successful.

The build will check for broken links and other problems. Internal and external links are checked by HTMLProofer. Occasionally, the build will fail due to external links being unavailable or giving a timeout. When that happens, please check if these external links are available and if so, 'Retry build' on Netlify.

You can discuss the documentation in the #docs Slack channel. Build notifications are sent to the #bots-docs Slack channel. See for details on how to access Slack.