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Ghost Compatability

Mnml — a Typographically Tasteful Ghost Blog Theme

Mnml is a beautiful, responsive, content-focused theme with great typography. The use of a type-scale, responsive typography, and carefully set line-length provide an optimal reading experience. Mnml also features post thumbnails on the homepage, an elegant print stylesheet, code syntax highlighting, and more.

UPDATE: If you like MNML, check out Laminim, my new ghost theme for serious bloggers.

If you have a question or have found a bug please open an issue and I’ll try to help as soon as possible; if you like this theme, or use it on your blog, make me happy by starring the project, or spreading the word!

See mnml in the wild!


  • Compatible with the latest version of Ghost
  • Totally responsive
  • Paid membership support (note: don’t forget to upload the included routes.yaml file)
  • Perfect readability — MNML features a type-scale, responsive typography, and carefully set line length for the best reading experience.
  • Great Typography
    • Typeset in Source Serif Pro, Source Sans Pro, and Alegreya
    • Blazingly fast Brick webfonts
    • Cross-browser drop-capitals
    • Attractive Pullquotes
  • Responsive <aside> tags for interrupting yourself
  • Prism.js syntax highlighting
  • Better horizontal rules
  • .thumb class for inline responsive thumbnails
  • Responsive post thumbnails on the homepage
  • Elegant print stylesheet
  • Robots.txt improves SEO by removing tag listings from search engines so your content is more prominent
  • Responsive, accessible menu for static pages (or anything else) that stays out of the way [NEW!]
  • Comments powered by Disqus, loaded asynchronously so they don’t slow down your site. [NEW!]
  • Blazing fast
    • Non-essential scripts and styles are loaded asynchronously or deferred
    • Comments are only loaded when needed
    • Uses the fastest math rendering library, and the fastest webfont provider [citation needed]
  • Optional Math rendering with KaTeX



A minimal, responsive, fast ghost blog theme with great typography. Comes with paid membership support, Disqus comments, syntax highlighting, and KaTeX for mathematics, and more.





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