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MoOx commented Dec 18, 2019


I never used your lib yet, but very interested to (as I was starting to do a similar thing).
One thing I noticed is that I don't see dark colors (eg: iOS Colors have light & dark values, which are different, same for grey, see

Is there any plan to handle that? Might be a bit breaking change for color

ahmadatallah commented Aug 3, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I use theme-ui on daily basis on personal and work projects. The documentation is quite large and I just want to remember something that I used before so I navigate the whole docs to get it.

Adding search in docs page will make it easy to remember things fast instead of navigating the documentation.

**Describe the solution

behdad commented Jul 5, 2020

It just doesn't test anything for the cast majority of fuzzer input. While fuzzer does learn the effective paths, let's help it more.

First, for instruction type, change the switch argument to: instruction.operation % NUM_OPERATIONS.

Then just split the available values into the two sets by looking up one integer from fuzzer and use that module size for set1 and the rest for set2.

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