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One bug (prototype in CURLOPT_PREQUOTE), and clarifications about not needing to keep strings around to all char* options (apart from POSTFIELDS). I did check the code, and all of the handlers do indeed copy strings if necessary, so the clarifications are correct.


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jay commented Dec 21, 2016

+The passed string is copied by the library if necessary, allowing the
+application to overwrite or free it after setting this option.

I think this is too verbose, also I don't know why say "if necessary" everywhere that's just confusing.

@jay jay added the documentation label Dec 21, 2016

I guess the "if necessary" can be confusing. I could make another pass over the lot and update as needed, or I can change the entire thing to something like "The application does not have to keep the string around after setting this option".

gevaerts added some commits Dec 21, 2016
@gevaerts gevaerts Fix manpage: CURLOPT_PREQUOTE takes a struct curl_slist*, not a char*. 48a0e9a
@gevaerts gevaerts Add a note about libcurl copying strings if necessary to CURLOPT_* ma…
@bagder bagder closed this in dbd3793 Jan 13, 2017
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