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Welcome to Cursorless!

Rating Documentation Tests Maintenance License: MIT

Cursorless is a spoken language for structural code editing, enabling developers to code by voice at speeds not possible with a keyboard. Cursorless decorates every token on the screen and defines a spoken language for rapid, high-level semantic manipulation of structured text.

This repository holds the Talon side of Cursorless. If you've arrived here as part of the Cursorless installation process, then you're in the right place!


If you're looking to improve Cursorless, note that Cursorless is now maintained as a monorepo, so if you're here in a browser, and your address bar points to, then you're probably in the wrong place. The monorepo is hosted at cursorless, and the source of truth for these talon files is in the cursorless-talon subdirectory.

See the contributor docs to get started.

Cursorless talon

This directory contains the talon side of Cursorless.