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E-Thermostaat (ICY) component for Home Assistant
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This component is no longer maintained as I don't own an ICY e-thermostaat anymore. I can still merge PRs made and tested by the community and release new versions.

This component only works on HA 0.96 and later. If you are on an older version of HA use release 0.2.3 of this component.

When using HACS installing version 0.3.0 is only allowed for HA version 0.96 and newer.

Custom component for Dutch E-thermostaat (ICY)

A platform which allows you to interact with the Dutch E-Thermostaat (ICY).


You can use HACS or install the component manually by putting the files from /custom_components/e_thermostaat/ in your folder <config directory>/custom_components/e_thermostaat/


ICY E-Thermostaat


Example configuration.yaml:

  - platform: e_thermostaat
    username: !secret icy_user
    password: !secret icy_pass
    comfort_temperature: 20
    saving_temperature: 17
    away_temperature: 12

Configuration variables:

key description
platform (Required) The platform name.
username (Required) The username of your E-Thermostaat account.
password (Required) The password of your E-Thermostaat account.
comfort_temperature (Optional) The comfort temperature (Comfortstand), defaults to 20.
saving_temperature (Optional) The saving temperature (Bespaarstand), defaults to 17.
away_temperature (Optional) The away temperature (Lang-weg-stand), defaults to 12.

This platform is using the E-Thermostaat API to get the information from the thermostat. This component is only usefull for Dutch users as the E-Thermostaat is only sold in The Netherlands.

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