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📺 Sonarr component to feed Upcoming Media Card.
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Sonarr Upcoming Media Component

Home Assistant component to feed Upcoming Media Card with Sonarr's upcoming releases.
This component does not require, nor conflict with, the default Sonarr component.


Read through these two resources before posting issues to GitHub or the forums.

Supporting Development


  1. Install this component by copying these files to /custom_components/sonarr_upcoming_media/.
  2. Install the card: Upcoming Media Card
  3. Add the code to your configuration.yaml using the config options below.
  4. Add the code for the card to your ui-lovelace.yaml.
  5. You will need to restart after installation for the component to start working.
key default required description
api_key yes Your Sonarr API key
host localhost no The host Sonarr is running on.
port 8989 no The port Sonarr is running on.
urlbase / no The base URL Sonarr is running under.
days 60 no How many days to look ahead for the upcoming sensor.
ssl false no Whether or not to use SSL for Sonarr.
max 5 no Max number of items in sensor.

Do not just copy examples, please use config options above to build your own!

Sample for configuration.yaml:

- platform: sonarr_upcoming_media
  api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
  port: 8989
  days: 2
  ssl: true
  max: 10

Sample for ui-lovelace.yaml:

- type: custom:upcoming-media-card
  entity: sensor.sonarr_upcoming_media
  title: Upcoming TV

Card Content Defaults:

key default example
title $title "The Walking Dead"
line1 $episode "What Comes After"
line2 $release "Mon, 10/31 9:00pm" if it's more than a week away or "Monday, 9:00pm" if it's within a week.
line3 $rating - $runtime "★ 7.8 - 45 min"
line4 $number - $studio "S06E09 - AMC"
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