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OpenOMS stands for Open Operational Management System. It is a web application focused on activity tracking on IT Project Management and IT Service Delivery Processes.

This solution is based on Mantis Bug Tracker and follows the same life cycle that this project already has. Current supported languages are English and Spanish and the semantics of the application are pretty abstract in order to match as much scenarios as possible. However, as an FOSS solution, it is fairly easy to customize and extend if necessary.

OpenOMS is a ThinkInBig project and can be reached at:

Have a look at Demo Site if you want to see it in action: I use it myself to cover my own needs on this site :-D. In order to use the Demo, you can use one of the following credentials:

  • user and password: demo-AsReporter
  • user and password: demo-AsMember

Latest released version: v2.19.0-20190102-0 (2019/01/02)