Some convenient classes for OAuth 2.0 resource providers and clients implemented with Spring Security OAuth.
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Zuul Spring Support Build Status

This project provides some convenient classes for OAuth 2.0 resource providers and clients implemented with Spring Security OAuth.

Standalone Resource Provider

With Spring Security OAuth it’s quite easy to split an authorization server and a resource provider into separate components (Zuul OAAS is a standalone authorization server). Everything you need on the resource provider side is to implement ResourceServerTokenServices that somehow verifies tokens on a remote authorization server.

If you’re using Zuul OAAS (and potentially other authorization servers), there’s such a class – RemoteResourceTokenServices.

XML configuration

There’s an example of using oauth:resource-server with RemoteResourceTokenServices. The OAAS TokenInfo endpoint is itself secured with OAuth 2.0.

    <oauth:resource-server id="resourceServerFilter"
           token-services-ref="tokenServices" />

    <bean id="tokenServices" class=""
          p:tokenInfoEndpointUrl="" />

    <oauth:rest-template id="tokenInfoRestTemplate" resource="tokeninfo-resource" />

    <oauth:resource id="tokeninfo-resource"
           client-authentication-scheme="form" />

For a complete configuration see this sample.

Java-based configuration

If you prefer Java-based configuration instead, then you can simply extend our OAuth2ResourceServerConfigurerAdapter, define security rules and provide your ResourceServerTokenServices… that’s all you need to secure resource provider (and register springSecurityFilterChain of course)! There’s also a convenient RemoteResourceTokenServicesBuilder for RemoteResourceTokenServices.

public class SecurityConfig extends OAuth2ResourceServerConfigurerAdapter {

    protected ResourceServerTokenServices getResourceServerTokenServices() {
        return new RemoteResourceTokenServicesBuilder()
                .tokenInfoEndpointUri( "" )
                    .clientId( "264ff434-1d2e-46b9-a3c8-fa7d182b7190" )
                    .clientSecret( "kahc2fai1eo6uip5ied2deishei5ooNg" )
                    .scope( "urn:zuul:oauth:oaas:tokeninfo" )
                    .accessTokenUri( "" )
                    .clientAuthenticationScheme( AuthenticationScheme.form )

    protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {

Programmatic creation of OAuth2RestTemplate

Spring Security OAuth2 it’s super easy to use on the client side thanks to its XML namespace configuration. However, if you prefer Java-based configuration, there’s no such support yet. Meanwhile you can use OAuth2RestTemplateBuilder from this project.

new OAuth2RestTemplateBuilder()
            .id( "sample" )
            .clientId( "264ff434-1d2e-46b9-a3c8-fa7d182b7190" )
            .clientSecret( "kahc2fai1eo6uip5ied2deishei5ooNg" )
            .scope( "" )
            .accessTokenUri( "" )
            .clientAuthenticationScheme( AuthenticationScheme.form )


This project is licensed under MIT license.