A curated list of awesome DIY software.
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Awesome DIY Software


A curated list of awesome DIY software. Inspired by awesome-go and this HN post.

What awesome-diy-software has in common:

  • Describe a technology or feature by implementation.
  • Ideally in no more than few thousands lines of code (and not just 10-20 line code snippets).
  • Idea is to teach about underlying technology by a hands-on project, which is not overwhelming like trying to implement full-feature game engine and yet captures the essence of technology.
  • All have the "Weekend Projects" feel



Game Development

Interpreters: Lisp Based

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Interpreters: Other (Non - Lisp)

There is a separate section, for lisp interpreters

Java Virtual Machine


Operating Systems

Regular Expressions

Retracers and 3D Rendering

Software renderer

Storage and Databases

Text Editor

Version Control

Web Apps: Usage

These are tutorials for learning to use web frameworks:

Web frameworks: Internals

These tutorials are geared towards building a frontend web framework and can be used to get a better understanding of internals.

Web Programming


PRs to organize these resources are very welcome!

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