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UIMenuItem with Image Support

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UIMenuItem with Image Support

screenshot of UIMenuItem with image

UIMenuItem uses UILabel to display its title, that means we can swizzle -drawTextInRect: to support image.

UIMenuItem+CXAImageSupport is a dirty hack but should be safe in most cases. Contains no any private APIs and should be safe for App Store.

How to use

Drag UIMenuItem+CXAImageSupport.{h,m} to your project.

The method names describe all. For simple usage, the only step is to set a image to the menu item. For advance usage, config and set a settings.

@class CXAMenuItemSettings;

@interface UIMenuItem (CXAImageSupport)

- (id)cxa_initWithTitle:(NSString *)title action:(SEL)action image:(UIImage *)image;
- (id)cxa_initWithTitle:(NSString *)title action:(SEL)action settings:(CXAMenuItemSettings *)settings;
- (void)cxa_setImage:(UIImage *)image;
- (void)cxa_setSettings:(CXAMenuItemSettings *)settings;


// Uses a settings class instead of NSDictionary to avoid
   misspelled keys
@interface CXAMenuItemSettings : NSObject

+ (instancetype)settingsWithDictionary:(NSDictionary *)dict;

@property (nonatomic) UIImage *image;
@property (nonatomic) BOOL shadowDisabled;
@property (nonatomic) CGFloat shrinkWidth; // For adjustment item width only,
 will not be preciouse because menu item will keep its minimun width,
  it's useful for showing some large amount of menu items without expanding.



UIMenuItem+CXAImageSupport uses UIMenuItem's title to map related image since there is no any other clue of UIMenuItem I can find to connect to UILabel. You can't set different images for the same title.



UIMenuItem+CXAImageSupport is released under the MIT license. In short, it's royalty-free but you must you keep the copyright notice in your code or software distribution.

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