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Exmap is a tool which allows the real memory usage of a collection of
processes to be examined. A linux kernel loadable module is used to
export information to userspace, which is examined by a gtk
application to build a picture of how pages are shared amongst
processes and their shared libraries.

Section-level information is exposed for ELF files and symbol-level
information is exposed for unstripped ELF files.

To use:

1 - 'make' at toplevel to build
2 - 'sudo insmod kernel/exmap.ko' to load the kernel module
2a(optional) - 'make test' at toplevel to check all is OK
3 - './src/gexmap' to run

See for more documentation and a FAQ.

If you use exmap, I'd appreciate an email to help gauge the level of
interest in this tool. If you find any problems or have any ideas or
suggestions for improvement, I'd be very interested in hearing from

Having 'exmap' in your subject line or body increases the chances that
your message won't get lost in the spam.

John Berthels
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