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  1. laravel-love laravel-love Public

    Add Social Reactions to Laravel Eloquent Models. It lets people express how they feel about the content. Fully customizable Weighted Reaction System & Reaction Type System with Like, Dislike and an…

    PHP 1.1k 71

  2. laravel-ban laravel-ban Public

    Laravel Ban simplify blocking and banning Eloquent models.

    PHP 1k 64

  3. telegram-devpoker-bot telegram-devpoker-bot Public

    Planning Poker (Scrum Poker) for Agile software development teams. The bot allows you to introduce a consensus-based, gamified technique of task estimating into Telegram group chats.

    Python 6 3

  4. laravel-clickhouse laravel-clickhouse Public

    Laravel ClickHouse adds CH client integration, generation & execution of ClickHouse database migrations to the Laravel application.

    PHP 54 9

  5. laravel-optimus laravel-optimus Public

    Transform your internal id's to obfuscated integers based on Knuth's integer hash. Laravel wrapper for the Optimus Library by Jens Segers with multiple connections support.

    PHP 181 14

  6. laravel-eloquent-flag laravel-eloquent-flag Public

    Laravel Eloquent boolean & timestamp flagged attributes behavior.

    PHP 133 21


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