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Personal Status Logger README

See full documentation and project site for more explanation of the use and operation of stl. This repository contains the full code and documentation. Notable components:

  • The stl script, written in zsh, at "bin/stl"
  • The xmpp-notify script, for sending notification messages using a "bot" account. xmpp-notify operates like a remote echo.
  • The source for the documentation is in the docs/ directory. If install Sphinx <> and run "make install" to build the documentation
  • The configure script in the top level of the repository provides a rudimentary configuration interface for xmpp-notify.

I'm thinking about rewriting stl in something a bit more efficient and robust, and as a learning exercise. If I chose to do that it will appear in the dev/ directory.

Feel free to send patches/pull requests/branch notifications if you do something cool with this and want me merge, and I probably will.

-- tychoish

(stl is a Cyborg Institute project/thing.)