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Capacity-aware CSI plugin for Kubernetes
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TopoLVM is a CSI plugin using LVM for Kubernetes. It can be considered as a specific implementation of local persistent volumes using CSI and LVM.

Project Status: Testing for production

Supported environments

  • Kubernetes
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
  • Node OS
    • Linux with LVM2
  • Filesystems
    • ext4
    • xfs
    • btrfs


  • Dynamic provisioning: Volumes are created dynamically when PersistentVolumeClaim objects are created.
  • Raw block volume: Volumes are available as block devices inside containers.
  • Topology: TopoLVM uses CSI topology feature to schedule Pod to Node where LVM volume exist.
  • Extended scheduler: TopoLVM extends the general Pod scheduler to prioritize Nodes having larger storage capacity.

Planned features


A diagram of components is available in docs/

This repository contains these programs:

  • csi-topolvm: Unified CSI driver.
  • lvmd: gRPC service to manage LVM volumes.
  • lvmetrics: A DaemonSet sidecar container to expose storage metrics as Node annotations.
  • topolvm-scheduler: A scheduler extender for TopoLVM.
  • topolvm-node: A sidecar to communicate with CSI controller over TopoLVM custom resources.
  • topolvm-hook: A MutatingAdmissionWebhook for topolvm-scheduler.

lvmd is a standalone program that should be run on Node OS as a systemd service. Other programs are packaged into container images.

Getting started

A demonstration of TopoLVM running on kind (Kubernetes IN Docker) is available at example directory.

For production deployments, see deploy directory.


docs directory contains documents about designs and specifications.

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