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kind - kubernetes in docker

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kind is a tool for running local Kubernetes clusters using Docker container "nodes".
kind is primarily designed for testing Kubernetes 1.11+, initially targeting the conformance tests.

If you have go and docker installed go get sigs.k8s.io/kind && kind create cluster is all you need!

2x speed `kind create cluster` demo

kind consists of:

kind bootstraps each "node" with kubeadm. For more details see the design documentation.

NOTE: kind is still a work in progress, see docs/todo.md.

Installation and usage

You can install kind with go get sigs.k8s.io/kind

To use kind, you will need to install docker.
Once you have docker running you can create a cluster with kind create cluster
To delete your cluster use kind delete cluster

To create a cluster from Kubernetes source:

  • ensure that Kubernetes is cloned in $(go env GOPATH)/src/k8s.io/kubernetes
  • build a node image and create a cluster with kind build node-image && kind create cluster --image kindest/node:latest

For more usage see the docs or run kind [command] --help

Community, discussion, contribution, and support

Please reach out for bugs, feature requests, and other issues!
The maintainers of this project are reachable via:

Current maintainers (approvers) are @BenTheElder and @munnerz.

Pull Requests are very welcome!
See the issue tracker if you're unsure where to start, or feel free to reach out to discuss.

See also: the Kubernetes community page.

Code of conduct

Participation in the Kubernetes community is governed by the Kubernetes Code of Conduct.