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Webiva Content Management System

Important Note: The Open Source Version of Webiva is no longer under active development and we don't recommend new users use it as a Rails CMS

Webiva is a Web 2.0 (whatever that means) open-source website building system that allows you to build custom websites that look and operate the way you want them to. We like to call Webiva a WBS (Website Building System) as opposed to a CMS (Content Management System) because Webiva's focus is on the look and structure of your entire website rather than just letting you dump in content. Based on the idea of simplicity first - features later, Webiva was built as tool for us as web developers to build websites more easily - every feature that has been added was added in response to a specific requirement that arose as we've been using the system for the past 4 years.

Webiva is built on the Ruby-on-rails framework and from a software perspective does it's best to build on the concepts and methodologies that Rails creates. It also has an extensible module system that allows additional functionality to easily be dropped into the system so the sky's the limit in what you can do.

Webiva Website Tab

Webiva File manager

Webiva Page Editor

Is Webiva right for you?

Webiva is a Website Building System targeted at Web Developers (we built it to use ourselves after all.) If you need a website but you aren't familiar with HTML or CSS Webiva is probably not for you. If you want a quick and easy website with a lot of pre-configured functionality - Webiva is probably not for you. That being said, once your website has been built inside of Webiva - it's designed to be as easy to use as possible and a robust permissions system allows you to limit access to only the parts that people need to be able to see.

Getting Webiva

Webiva is available at GitHub at

Getting Started

Please check the extensive documentation at for more information on getting the system up and running and details and tutorials on how to use Webiva.

The Backend of Webiva currently only supports Firefox and some parts are not compatible with Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer.


Please report any bugs into the GitHub Issues Page

License & Copyright

All Webiva code and images is Copyright 2009-2010 Cykod LLC. This release is dual licensed under the terms of the MIT and BSD licenses. See the the *-LICENSE file for more details.

This release of Webiva is bundled with a number MIT License and BSD licensed Plugins and Gems, please see the individual directories in /vendor/[gems rails plugins] for more information. Webiva also bundles a number of javascript libraries found in /public/javascripts/[tiny_mce overlib edit_area highlight jscalendar], each is copyright it's respective owners. TinyMCE is a product of MoxieCode and is released on the terms of the LGPL ( ). JSCalendar is released under the terms of the LGPL. Overlib is released under the terms described at Webiva also includes the Bitstream Vera Fonts, please see data/fonts/COPYRIGHT.txt for details on the restrictions associated with those fonts.

The inclusion of any of the software above should not be interpreted in any way as an endorsement of Webiva by the software's authors.


The Open-source Site should have all the latest details on the open-source release of Webiva. The Community Site is your resource for documentation and community forums The Hosted CMS is a SaaS hosted version of Webiva. The Cykod Boston Rails Consulting the company that built Webiva.


Please contact for any questions regarding webiva other than technical support.


Webiva Content Management System



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