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The Hold Up

I commonly find myself at work with way too many projects and no simple way to track them all in one place.

And I think Basecamp is great, Trello is neat, and all the other project management apps and services out there are wonderful. But I want something really, really simple.

The name of a project, and its most recent status. Most likely that status is a reason why it's being held up. Hence, the title of this application.


Requires PHP 5.4+, the mysqli extension, a MySQL database, and some kind of authentication mechanism.

You will need to code in your own auth method into logincheck.php.

To install the database, use theholdup.sql. Then, rename dbconn_mysql.sample.php to dbconn_mysql.php and fill it out with the relevant info.


On first login, you'll automatically be provisioned a workspace to use. Use the small form at the bottom of the index page to add a project. Double-click on the title of a project to rename it, double-click on its current status to update that status, drag and drop the projects to reorder them, click the DONE checkbox when it's done. Could not be more simple, I think.

There's the option to make your list of projects (without their statuses) public, and also the option to see all of your projects, including your "done" ones.



What's the hold up on all these projects?







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