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@chrisbreiding chrisbreiding released this 10 Nov 21:49

Released 11/10/2021

Breaking Changes:

  • The nodeVersion configuration option now defaults to system. The behavior
    of the system option has changed to always use the Node.js binary/version
    that launched Cypress. If Cypress was not launched via the terminal, Cypress
    will use the bundled Node.js version. This could change the behavior of code
    within your pluginsFile since it may be run in your system Node.js
    version. Addresses
  • Windows 32-bit is no longer supported in Cypress. Addresses
  • An error will now be thrown if an invalid value is passed to Cypress.config.
    Previously invalid values were ignored and could cause unexpected behavior.
    Addresses #18589.
  • cy.contains() no longer yields the <body> element when it matches the
    content of <script> or <style> tags. Addresses
  • Attempting to add an existing built-in Cypress command using
    Cypress.Commands.add() will now throw an error, indicating that
    Cypress.Commands.overwrite() should be used instead to overwrite the
    behavior of existing commands. Addresses
  • Custom command implementations are now typed based on the declared custom
    chainables. Addresses
  • The bundled Node.js version was upgraded from 14.17.0 to 16.5.0. This
    could change the behavior of code within the pluginsFile when using the
    bundled Node.js version of Cypress. Addressed in


  • The nodeVersion configuration option has been deprecated and will be removed
    in a future release.


  • When null is passed as the encoding to cy.readFile() or cy.fixture(),
    the file is treated as binary and read as a Buffer. Similarly, null passed
    as the encoding to cy.writeFile() allows direct writing of buffers. If the
    encoding is unspecified, the default remains utf8, matching the current
    behavior. Addresses


  • Sticky elements within a fixed container will now be able to be properly
    scrolled to during action commands. Fixes
  • document.referrer will now correctly reflect the correct value from the
    application under test after cy.visit(). Fixes


  • Upgraded Chrome browser version used during cypress run and when selecting
    Electron browser in cypress open from 91 to 94. Addressed in
  • Upgraded bundled Node.js version from 14.17.0 to 16.5.0. Addressed in
  • Upgraded electron from 14.1.0 to 15.2.0. Addressed in