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Wine & Cheese Map

This is an app to view wine and cheese pairings through a Cytoscape.js visualisation.

This app is a demo of the sort of functionality that Cytoscape.js allows you to easily add to your webapp. This repository is MIT-licensed, like Cytoscape.js itself.

The data was generated from recommendations in Max McCalman's book, Cheese: A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Best.

Project organisation

This app can be used as an example of how you might structure your modern webapp. While this repository may act as a good general reference, you would probably want to tailor and optimise the build configuration files for your project.

The technologies used for this project include:

  • Building
    • Webpack: Bundle JS
    • PostCSS: Bundle CSS
    • Babel: Compile newer JS to older JS to support older browsers
    • CSSNext: Compile newer CSS to older CSS to support older browsers
  • UI
    • Preact: Basic component support
    • Cytoscape: Graph/network visualisation
  • Linting
    • ESLint: Identify common problems in JS
    • Stylelint: Identify common problems in CSS

Building the project

The project's build targets are specified as npm scripts. Use npm run <target> for one of the following targets:

  • watch : Do a debug build of the app, which automatically rebuilds and reloads as the code changes
  • prod : Do a production build of the app
  • clean : Delete all files under the dist directory
  • lint : Run linters on the JS and CSS files


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