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running-conversions Build Status

what is it?

running-conversions is a Scala library which enables some running-related calculations. As part of my preparations for different races I have been following training programmes and frequently ended up using good old pen and paper to calculate pace, time and distance. Therefore, I decided to have a pet project which would make these calculations easy while I could enjoy learning Scala. Hope you will find it helpful.

how can I run it?

  • Install Scala, you may also want to install sbt
  • download the running-conversions jar (running-conversions_2.11-0.1.jar) or build it with sbt package
  • start REPL with the jar in the classpath
scala -cp running-conversions_2.11-0.1.jar
  • import postfixOps and relevant objects
import scala.language.postfixOps, com.czeczotka.conversion.running.Time._, com.czeczotka.conversion.running.Distance._
  • use REPL, i.e:
scala> k10 in "39m30s" pace
res0: com.czeczotka.conversion.running.Pace = 3:57
  • alternatively you can edit and run com.czeczotka.conversion.running.RunningConversions object (i.e. with sbt run) or use running-conversions in your own code

how can I use it?

  • create an activity which would represent a distance over time or a distance at a pace
  • query the activity for details such as time, pace, distance or splits

what does it do?

  • for a given distance and pace calculate the finish time (create an activity and get the time)
input:  marathon at "5:41" time 
output: 3h59m48s
input:  metres400 at "4:15" time 
output: 1m42s
  • for a given distance and time calculate the pace (create an activity and get the pace)
input:  k10 in "49m00s" pace 
output: 4:54
input:  metres800 in "3m28s" pace 
output: 4:20
  • get every kilometre splits for an activity
input:  k10 in "44m30s"  splits
output: Map(1.0 -> 4m27s, 2.0 -> 8m54s, 3.0 -> 13m21s, 4.0 -> 17m48s, 5.0 -> 22m15s, 6.0 -> 26m42s, 7.0 -> 31m09s, 8.0 -> 35m36s, 9.0 -> 40m03s, 10.0 -> 44m30s)
  • get custom splits for an activity (i.e.: every 5k)
// calculate 5k splits to run the marathon in 3 hours 45 minutes
input:  marathon in "3h45m" splits k5
output: Map(5.0 -> 26m35s, 10.0 -> 53m10s, 15.0 -> 1h19m45s, 20.0 -> 1h46m20s, 25.0 -> 2h12m55s, 30.0 -> 2h39m30s, 35.0 -> 3h06m05s, 40.0 -> 3h32m40s)
input:  marathon in "3h45m" splits k5 foreach println
// calculate 5k splits to run the marathon in 3 hours 45 minutes and print them in new lines
// calculate 400m splits to run 2000m in 8 minutes
input:  metres2000 in "8m00s" splits metres400
output: Map(0.4 -> 1m36s, 0.8 -> 3m12s, 1.2 -> 4m48s, 1.6 -> 6m24s, 2.0 -> 8m00s)

input and output conventions

  • at the moment only metric system is supported
  • pace is written in minutes per kilometre <minutes>:<seconds>, i.e.: 5:15 is 1 kilometre run 5 min and 15 sec.
  • time is written as <hours>h<minutes>m<seconds>s or <hours>h<minutes>m or <minutes>m<seconds>s, i.e: 1h10m15s, 50m50s, 2h59m
  • both infix and dot notations are supported
infix: halfMarathon in "2h00m"  pace

predefined distances

See the com.czeczotka.conversion.running.Distance object for the full list:

  • 400 metres (metres400)
  • 600 metres (metres600)
  • 800 metres (metres800)
  • 1000 metres (metres1000)
  • 1200 metres (metres1200)
  • 1600 metres (metres1600)
  • 2000 metres (metres2000)
  • 2000 metres (metres2000)
  • 2000 metres (metres2000)
  • 1k (k1)
  • 5k (k5)
  • 10k (k10)
  • 1 mile (mile1)
  • 10 miles (mile10)
  • half marathon (halfMarathon)
  • marathon (marathon)

custom distances

You can create custom distances with these utility methods (metres, km, kilometres, miles):

input:  kilometres(12.5)
output: Distance(12500)
input:  miles(8)
output: Distance(12874)

race planner

Given the start of the race this feature enables you to plan your splits and time of day when you're going to reach them.

input:  RacePlanner(halfMarathon in "1h45m", LocalTime.of(9,0)).splits(k5)
output: Map(5.0 -> (24m50s,09:24:50), 10.0 -> (49m40s,09:49:40), 15.0 -> (1h14m30s,10:14:30), 20.0 -> (1h39m20s,10:39:20), 21.097 -> (1h44m46s,10:44:46))

You might choose to print it in separate lines:

input:  RacePlanner(halfMarathon in "1h45m", LocalTime.of(9,0)).splits(k5).foreach(println)