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QuickAccess Page

The "QuickAccess" page is the first page you see when opening SD Maid for the first time. It's intended to allow fast and easy access. It groups the most commonly used tools (that can be run without further user intervention) under a single button.

The tools include:

  • CorpseFinder
  • SystemCleaner
  • AppCleaner
  • Duplicates (hidden by default)
  • Databases

The first press starts the scan, the second deletes what was found. To make it even quicker, you can enable "Singlepass" in its settings which puts scan and deletion into a single task and also removes the confirmation dialog.

Pressing the tool title will open it's full view, while pressing the icon box to the row end will trigger it's current action. Each row will show the tools progress and after task completion the results. It should be noted that results indicating a few failed or skipped entries is not uncommon and or an issue. Some items may fail due to being in use or changing in some way SD Maid did not expect it. For more details on why and when this can happen see each tools help page.

The Duplicates tool is by default not visible and has to be enabled in the settings. The idea here was to force the user to familiarize themself with duplicates deletion as there is no right or wrong way to choose which duplicates to delete.

Each tool triggered from Quickaccess will run with the same settings it would run if done from its full view.

QuickAccess widget

The QuickAccess widget is only available in SD Maid Pro. It allows you to place a widget on your homescreen that will trigger one or multiple of the QuickAccess tools. In contrast to the QuickAccess page, actions from the widget are always "single pass", meaning that scan and deletion will be done in one pass and there will be no confirmation either.

Analog to the QuickAccess page, tools started by the widget will use the same settings as when you used them from inside the app.


The widget is deactivated by default and will be enabled by SD Maid when it enables the pro features. Sometimes the widget does not become immediately visible because the launcher does not update its widget list, in these cases, a device reboot (or restarting the launcher) solves the issue.

The widget may also be missing if SD Maid has been "moved to the sdcard", due to an Android limitation.